September 2016


September’s meeting seemed to whiz by. We were a chatty, engaged group with a couple of new faces in attendance. One of our new attendees said that he had read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and wondered if our group could help.

I definitely think it is related because our brains are important for our overall health and happiness. I have personally been working on learning to be mindful daily. My goal is to be able to meditate, but I am moving their slowly. Our discussions about breathing and awareness, though, have definitely helped me stay calm and more capable daily. I recently read an interesting analogy about focusing on the positive and our goals: A skier has to be aware of the obstacles, but she must focus on the path. If she focused on the trees, she would be much more likely to hit one! This is the balance we look for in our daily lives and which I feel is reinforced by our Brain Power Club.

The next step is to find activities and challenges that keep us out of a rut and exercising that brain.

  • Leslie introduced us to Brain Power Yoga, something she told us is considered by some to be pseudo-science but, like many things that cross our paths in today’s super-connected world, has its advocates.
  • David mentioned that he read recently that practicing art is good for the brain, regardless of the quality of the art. I researched this and found a couple of interesting articles:  Aging: What’s Art Got To Do With It? (Today’s Geriatric Medicine 2016)  and  Why a love of the arts will help your brain age better (Huffington Post 2012)
  • Ruth sent me some Mind Benders and Great Photos that I will share in the future. One of the Mind Benders included counting the Fs in the following:  checkyourbrain
  • Our primary activity for the meeting was one of hand coordination and solving a folding puzzle in creating flextangles. I followed a link on Facebook to find the templates, which came from (Kaleidocyles) and (Flextangles). I taped the paper to make it sturdier, which made the task a bit more difficult than it should have been. Members took home some templates to color and/or to create their own! I hope some return for me to see.
  • After our activity, we watched a 12 minute video: Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work. I considered this to be more about the secret to happiness. The presenter spoke so fast that I am not sure we could have kept up without the subtitles.

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